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Le prix des droits de l'homme du C.C.B.E. : résister à la barbarie

Lawyers: your right to the law, your right to rights.

A political regime can be measured by the importance it places on justice and the Bar.

In places where lawyers are harassed, threatened, arbitrarily arrested, convicted for defending their clients, and murdered, tyranny, corruption, insecurity, and injustice rules.

In places where lawyers can freely undertake their role, even to defend great offenders or political opponents, where justice and legal security prevail, allowing everyone to develop their activities with confidence and faith in the future. In these places, well-being remains.

However, human rights no longer seem fashionable. In many countries, dictators denounce them as symbols of Western civilisation and their imperialistic values. In Europe, voices are raised in criticism of the European Court of Human Rights, they denounce allegedly excessive requirements and they advocate for stricter policies (policies which they claim would be humane; however, no one would know their potential implications).

La revue Brussels Agenda publie une présentation du prix des droits de l'homme du C.C.B.E.